Last Supper

Rotting away, by myself in this cage
I'm forgotten by time, I've lost track of how long it's been
Guts churn with cramps, have not eaten for days
Look upon my own flesh, with disgust as I salivate

I've survived for days on my own shit, urine and blood
Nothing left to consume
There is no course of action left for me I fear
Let the Final Supper begin

Sickening pain, teeth tearing thru skin,
the crunching of fat, muscle, sinew now shredded meat
This makes me sick, rancid gorge fills my throat,
but I swallow it down, mustn't waste this last meal

Now frenzy has begun, masticating my own tongue,
I'm choking, laughing at my own futility
Tear my scalp and wolf it down, hair tickling in my throat
causing me to gag and disgorge it painfully

What next to eat? I grope between my thighs
and I scream as I rip at my own turgid appendage
Ah but it's sweet! The taste of bitter sperm;
my foul fetid reek, a bouquet for the banquet

Fluids draining, vitals waning, frenzied in this hell sustaining
teeth red scything, maxillating, a feast of self mutilation

Now for dessert, I'll extricate my eyes, pop them in my mouth
still attached to the nerves
Bursting as I bite, my brain overloads
The pain sends my body into shock and then I die

Consumption Be Done