Evilution Part II

"as I urinate on your pale face,
I crown myself `cause you have lost the race!"

In solitude you had to live
Tried to find the right solution
You did not find your way out of here
Welcome to Evilution


Now that you are heredefender of all that is good,
and that you have stepped on the holy territory of the
master of all evillet me explain to you that this was
to be your destiny from the very beginning
May those who believed in you finally see that I cannot
be destroyedand may those who have doubt finally accept
that world domination now is mine! So feel the blade of my
sword, brave man, and die!

Lion - taste my revenge
Left on my territory
Your carcass` stench

Liar - you had to die
I had to take your life
And you know why

Close your eyes
Ain't it nice
See your blood
I'm your god

Fate is sealed
Truth revealed
I'm the one

All I want
I want to have your head
Hanging on my wall

As I urinate on your pale face,
I crown myself `cause you have
Lost the race

Evil - this is my name
God could not help you my friend
He is to blame

Demon - be my guide
Give me the powers
I need From the inside

Dead and gone
I have won
Reign of fear
Now it's here
Never forget my name
Or I'll kill you


May the world never rest in peace'cause
I am President Evil

Fire - burning in hell
Light the world
Hail to the king
Ring the bell