Queen Of Royal Badness

Let me remind you on how to unwind your body
So dance and shake and just keep in step
Understand, draw a clear picture
What Im gonna hit you with is truly def
These are the words of a queen of a queendom
All competitors, I simply cream them
One by one, I dust a rush them all
If you have any more, bring them
To the front so they can sho me what they got
What they got, it better be hot
Cause if it's not, I'll simply knock them out the box
And they'll be put in a spot
The style I use will surely amuse
The party people to a state of gladness
What I mean is Im on the scene
Im the queen of royal badness

Well it's the lah, t-i-f-a-h
While I say my rhyme, mark creates
The direct hi-tech sound of the dope noise
The bass will pound, I hope girls, I hope boys
Understand what Im quoting, Im not joking
Or freaking, this is a queen speaking
Wis words, when Im done I leave your eyes blurred
When you address me, address me as your highness
One of hip-hops finest
You see, I can flow on tempo, off tempo
It makes me no difference
So play that beat, play it, kick it, watch me
Flip it, with dope lyrics, you want to hear it?
Observe my ways and actions, I grab the mic
And draw attractions
To the table, Im a hit you at all angles
Those who think I caught a fit, I strangled them
The result with a pen and a pad
Gets mean, see Im the queen of royal badness

I can't wait until the party is jam-packed
When I start to drop it, the people say damn, black
The queen is hyped up, awesome and deadly
If you don't dance, grab a chair and plex,
Composures kept, blows are thrown in death, hard as hell
Guard as well as you can or step
Off the premisis, in one minute its
Going to explode in a style that's limitless
Make your first move, don't let it be your worst move
Cause if you do, you'll be a hurt fool
Keep your mouth shut to those that shout and cuss
Its no doubt that I got clout and I'll bust
Literature that flows like liquid
Some can't comprehend the way I kicked it
So don't say nothing
Just listen up, follow instructions
Rhyme, shake, slide, and dance like lat said
When Im on stage I sold rage and drop heads
Ambidextrous, skilled with both hands
Teaching a lesson, ready to throw jams
Latifah loves to rip up the scenery
Its nothing special, just a queen to me
So do the knowledge, see if you can catch this
You know what I mean, it's the queen of royal badness