Feel Alright (Sun Is Shining)

Feel Alright
By: ZOEgirl
Written By: Alisa Girard, Chrissy Conway, Kristin Swinfordand

(Sun is shining)
The sun is shinin',
There's no need to sleep no more
(Day is bright, Yeah)
The day is bright,
And you're heart has its wings to soar
(It's a new day)
Time will be flyin',
Freedom is at the door,
(Feel Alright, Yeah)
You feel alright, Yeah,
So what are You waitin' for?

Celebrety and superstition,
Whatever it takes to get some recognition
Selling antiques like they are new ideas,
Makin' You pay for the thoughts they steal

Call me foolish,
Call me crazy
But all this drama doesn't faze me
Tell me not to run,
And I will run much faster
Tell me to be quiet,
And I'll shout it from a mountain


It doesn't take a mathmetition,
To calculate our rising addiction
To romance, youth, and perfected beauty
Packaged, preserved for the mass appeal
You're not the first to buy their lies,
They're not the first to waist you're time
Tell me to give up,
And I will fight much harder,
Tell me to be quiet,
And I'll shout it even louder


It's a new day,
Different than yesterday
All the concepts fighting for a place in my mind
Well you'll find it's occupied with the divine