I Must Have Been A Fool

"I must have been a fool"?

I can tell by the look in your eyes
there's no deceivin, there's no disguise
what you need is a what you want
you hide behind what you put up front

So we find ourselves together
I'm the only one to blame
what I thought would last forever
just another part of your game

I must have been a fool
I must have broke some rule
Now I'm losing you to the wind
So I'm all alone with my yesterday, once again
I'm back to the bottom line

Sometimes love can make or break you
can build you up or shake you down
if it's real you don't need to fake it
if it's not no need to hang around
If you're with me for a reason
the time has come to let me know
"?coz it seems your heart is freezin'
but you still don't wanna let me go

And you say (so you say) no more rainy days
go your way (go your way) and you send me mine
Too much too soon, was I too out of tune
with your plans
too much too soon, too out of tune
with your plans


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