Green Pea Soup

If Linda Blair was my Lolita
Her head could spin
She would levitate, vomit green
beat a priest
what a teen
Dick Clark would grin
And foul things'd surt without discretion
From her tiny mouth
She'd say "spank me spank me spank me DADDY"

Mommy's in bandages and smoking too
She doesn't like it when I tell her too


I don't know what's come over me
I'm not my self today
I don't know what's come over me
Linda's all the rage
The Devil's underage

Get that cross right out of their girl
You don't know where it's been
You're 13, underage, into bondage,
it's just a phase
You're too young to sin
Speaking tounges backwards in Latin
Let me hear you say
"Spank me spank me spank me DADDY"

Comin' down stairs just to piss on the rug
She's gonna get all this gnarly love


The Power of Christ compels you
(repeated 4X)
Christ compels you

[Squealin' like a pig!]

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