Don't Ask Me To Dance

You know i've felt like this before,
I know you have felt it too,
But maybe i don't want to dance,
Cos ive not had as much as you

Our lives did not begin,
The very moment that we met
I don't want to hold your hand,
There is so much that i'll forget

You're no angel from above,
You're the last girl i will love

And maybe im not very vocal,
Cos ive used it once before,
And the more they were repeated,
The more they were ignored

But the ears my whispers fell on,
They weren't deaf, they were bang on,
Cause they knew I didn't mean it
I just wanted to hang on

But the world has changed, and how!
And I know I mean it
So let's toast the last romance,
But just don't ask me to dance

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