please dont turn me on

dont say it baby hear me nooo i said; please dont turn me
baby wont u keep your distance your gettin too close to me
ive been feeling my resistance
melting away but she said she wouldnt mind if i spent a little time said you
were f riend of mine she could trust me out of sight
now 2 bottles later on and i think ive stayed too long
i forget where i belong

saying please dont turn me on, its getting late i know i should be gone, dont
push because im not that strong, you could never make it right from wrong,please
dont touch me there, stop playing with my mind its not fair, but u know i got
love who cares, and shes waiting for me some where out there,

dont say my love is too familiar, coz shes everything to me, dont say what she
wont know wont kill her, im playing away, put your hands where i can see, baby
you know what i mean, coz your looking good to me, and u know i feel the heat,
as u button up your dress and i wake up in your bed, with a head full of
regrets, saying


dont wont love a love i have coz once it gone cant take it back, you know that i
want u, dont matter what i hear u say i see the look thats it your eyes, no nooo


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