River Through The Skies

Dusk brings a last breath
The last beat from a dying
Heart of a once great
Pharaoh destined for the
Journey, A last quest
A last hope to pass through
Dark lands, an underworld
In the search for immortality

Hathor Guides This solar ride

That will lead us through a river in the sky
12 hours it shall be to reach the other side

The twelve gates now await

Look to the book of spells
To lead you through this hell
With the book of gates
The other side awaits

Ra lead me on this voyage and take my hand
I watch the river run dry and turn to sand
Darkness surrounds us now here no wind blows
We pass into the realm where only the dead shall go

Great serpents guard the gates here at every turn
One battle just one loss here the soul will not return
This victory is our now the gate is passed
Six hours quickly fade now the time will not last

The cave of the last task
A last test of sokar
Prevail we will
The twisted path becomes clear
Penitence will show
Regret for the wrongs
A weighing of the heart
Reveals the Soul will not be torn apart

Robed in White
The sun will rise and I will be reborn

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