Last Kiss

One sad lady wouldn't give me the time
Well, I'll tell you baby that it's quite alright
You know it's true
It's still me and you

One bad man, he wouldn't drop a dime
Well, I'll tell you mister that is quite alright
You know it's true
It's still up to you

Well, two minutes later
I'll be knockin' on your door
And two days later
I'll be there sleepin' on your floor

So, give me a chance
And give me the time
One second shot at another night
Give me a chance
A last kiss goodnight

It feels like lately, I'm stuck on you
I'll tell you sister, this is my song
It's the crying truth
I may be nervous
But I'm never too shy
I'll tell you straight face
That I never lied
So here's my reason why
To get back to you
It gets me tongue tied
And I feel down hearted
The day you left
It shook me so
It's such a heavy load
That I can't let go

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