Look Twice

f/ Lil' O


Looking good baby, feel good
Fat Rat and Hardest Pit
Whoa, uh, uh

[Chorus: Lil' O - 2x]

See me looking nice with a chain full of ice
Mobbing on twenties in a coupe with bub' lights
Niggas mean mugging cause they know my money right
I'm the type of nigga make a bitch look twice

[Big Pokey]

I'm a type of nigga make a bitch look twice
Make her break herself like a bad pair of dice
When I fall in the mall, it's fuck the price
Keep a disguise move pies and duck the vice
That's me playa, from pack to stacks
Show a lot of scratch to cut trash getting fat
On my lac and my slack, I'm sharp as a nail
Put my game on a scale, and balance it well
When I vacation, I got a yaught to sell
And if I go broke, I got a yaught to sell
Cops yeah that's swell then I double my mail
I know y'all feel me like the blind read brail
Hoes be freaks but they claim they queens
Eat niggas up like a bowl of greens
YS wolverine I walk it like I talk it
Play it like I said, tell em how you caught me

[Chorus - 2x]

[Lil' O]

Lil' O ain't shit, nigga stop your lying
Stop your crying, y'all gone make me pop the iron
When you see me in the bentley with the top reclined
I'm with your broad I'm on my way to go knock her down
And I spit thug rounds, and feeling me flows
And got a stable full of bad broads and heavenly hoes
If I ask your gal to leave you think she telling me no
I'll have her eating ass, sucking nuts and giving me blows
I get em and go, get the pussy split it in four
You a stupid bitch, if you thinking you getting my dough
I do em like the drug commercial I be telling em no
And tell these trick niggas y'all boys selling your souls
And my body ice cold, cause my piece full of flakes
My Cardier look like it's been dipped in a lake
My bracelet will make a nigga stop and hit his brakes
And you can ask Johnny I don't get nothing fake, and you can

[Chorus - 2x]

[Big Pokey]

Bout my pay, I don't play a hoe checker
Certified pimp looking for a slow licker
One who will go all out, plus extra
Back massages, ménages excetra
Pull in the lot, snatch something hot
Game Face and Mob Style watch us turn it out
Whodie at the spot with a bad little mexican
Broad that he met last night at Connections
Mob Style protection, hard as an erection
Boys with they mug on catch led infection
From a snub nose, we niggas and ?halows?
On 19 inch buttons that cut in a row
Sipping on noise, counting on the Ward
Bad ass nigga we'll freak with yellow broads
Either black or you brown, let my top down
It's M-O-B-C we stay on the ground, uh

[Chorus - 4x]

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