miss june 75

she shines like the sun
i'm constantly wondering
just what she sees in me
she says i'm the one
i've got to believe her
i know she believes in me

i'm losing my mind
i'm losing it to her
i know she will set me free
the feeling so fine
i just got to tell you
how much she means to me

i've spent so long crying by myself
so long to loneliness i've found something else
the way she dances
makes me lose my mind
the clothes she wears
they make her look so fine
and when we kiss
it warms me up inside
i've got to tell you cause
i just can't hide
the way i feel
she makes me real
she makes me feel
she and i are going to live forever
and be the two brightest stars up in heaven

oh girl i want to take you home
and get down on my knees
in front of you
i really like the way you squeeze
my head between your thighs
the way your face turns red
the way you roll your eyes
the way your breath gets faster
quite sounds you make
your lips trembling
and your
body starts to shake
your hands are running through my hair
and i can tell your thinking
'don't stop,
i'm almost there,
i'm almost there

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