Keep Watchin This Space

rtist: Blade
Album: Planned and Executed
Song: Keep Watchin This Space


Since I was a kid I was an MC villain
I held many mics and tore down many a ceilin'
They used to say that I was bound to fail
Because my skin was pale I couldn't get a sale
I took an idea, put it into gear
Disappeared for a year and a bit, now it's all clear
Sky's the limit and miles more
All the while tryna get another foot in the door
It's hard though, but as the years evolved
And other problems solved the deeper we became involved
Every night I used to write
Makin' sure the rhymes were tight, steppin' away from the light
As the seconds ticked applause follows
Groundhog tomorrows, sick of all the fake hellos
I must break from the nonsense
At the expense of those who play false pretence
The evidence I leave is permanent
With demos hit studios where money was spent
Also, flow so, dictate on a micro-tape
One day I'm gonna blow so, cos I said so
The material raw, ready for streets
Better grab seats cos there ain't no repeats
Food to fill the belly give me energy
People sayin' I'm my worst enemy
But hey, talk is cheap, you must be asleep
Wake up cos on streets you ain't defendin' me
Daddy said, "Look out for the punks who ride backs
Two pound acts", I'm like yeah, then he reacts
"They lack principles, quick money they chase
But son, you've got the morals, you're invincible
I know hard work finally pays
There's gonna be bad days and good days, but anyway
Stay strong, it might happen quick or take long
It's definite, my calculations have never been wrong"
I heeded the words of intelligence
Spoke by the man I respect the most, and then he left
Earth seems to be a long way from home
My boy is only two and already holds a microphone
Touch wood, things are gonna get good
For '95-6-7-8-9, 2000
Alright, I know I made mistakes
Slippery snakes took a chunk of the cakes that's where the chain
Huh, this is a new beginnin'
Thank God for the strength to keep me goin'
And thank those who gave support when times were rough
Keep watchin' this space cos I'll be blowin'
The only question is when will I ignite?
And then hold a mic and maybe strike again
Sooner than you think, who could loop and link
Lyrics together where your time's seen competitors sink
Desperation with his hands around my neck
The clip is unbreakable, it just takes a sec
But wait, stuck in a room with the same four walls
I wanna get away, I must make some calls
I need some money first, water to quench my thirst
So many things on my mind, it's gonna burst
Tsk Damn it, I'm fed up
I'm better than this, I deserve more than this
Tryna convince myself it ain't all bad
But in the meantime I think I'm goin' crazy
Call the media, tell 'em I quit
I don't need the papers on my back every time I hit
That's it, so I slip into darkness
It's a hell of a life on the planet bein' an artist

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