Losing Sleep

verse 1: A broken heart torn in two is all I have to remember you
I hope your happy with what you've done, now I feel so alone
and I dont know if I can, get over you and those things you said
It's hard for me to look in the mirror and it's hard to get out of bed

Pre-Chorus: I dont want sympathy,
I just want you here with me

Chorus: It rains all night, since you said goodbye
My heart is full of sadness
And it's hard to sleep, cause your in my dreams
I pray you'll come back to me

Verse 2: I found the letters that you wrote back when we were in high school
And the pictures from the weekend we spent in Santa Cruz
And I dont know what possed you to make you wanna run away
Everything was going perfect until that stupid day

Pre-Chorus: 1x

Chorus: 1x

Bridge: I miss you, so bad
And I want you so bad

Chorus: 2X

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