C'mon Baby

They say love finds it's own way home
Around the snakes inside your heart underneath the bones
And though the world may fold you in it's pocket you will never bend
Your not the type my only love my only real friend

And what about the girl who ran
She ran so far away she could never find her way back home again
She tripped and fell and broke her heart
Now the only thing she does well is fall apart
C'mon, c'mon baby c'mon

And what about this starry sky
I know i've used that tired analogy a thousand times
But it still has the same strange effect on me
I fall into the sky like i was falling into a beautiful blue sea

I want to stop the world and hide
But there's nowhere to run and no place left inside
Just want to stop and catch my breath
Spend one second on this earth not scared to death
C'mon c'mon baby c'mon

That's what i say but is it true?
The truth is everything is perfect and it's not for me and you
To figure out anything at all and all we've got is time
But not much time so fuck the brakes and get in line

Just want to make you see the light
I just want to shine as bright as brooklyn on a saturday night
I want to scream until i drown
I want to get so high that i never come back down

And i know you'll never understand
I know you'll never understand
You think you know me well, you think you know me, well think again
I'm on fire and i'm insane and i'm all right
Don't stand so close, you've been blinded by the light
C'mon c'mon baby c'mon

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