Fed Up

Fed up
You said I'd call Sitting here by the phone
Here we go, yet again Same old story, same old ending
Got the nerve to think that you can do the things you do
Suffer no consequence You lie
Why you make promises that you can never keep I'll never comprehend
Why try?
Well baby not tonight Controllin me aint right
Im hanging with my crew We gon party tonight
Tired of waiting up for you Had it up to here Im through
Im hanging with my crew We gon party tonight
Golden Rule? Courtesy? Boy you're lacking respect for me
Got me steaming once again can't continue to pretend
That things will ever change You always do your thang despite emotions
You lie You run excuses, think everythings OK
No Im not having this Goodbye
Im fed up Fed uppp
I refuse to stay another night Waiting for you
Called you girls, it's on tonight you're going out
To have a good time To get away, free your mind and escape
All our problems Im fed up, Ive had enough, you know Ive tried
Cant sit around waiting for you
Fed up of all ya bullshit All a ya name droppin
All a ya late partyin No excuse for all a yall messy being
Gotta let them hos go come row de boat so
All yall people ina de place we roam out strike out
It don't matter if we went (booo) Tis me conscious (booo)
Tear it up again (what) We been buildin (so)
Me repeat myself (come) We a join our friends (off)
To the show again (bump) We gon party them

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