Freak Out

It was a day in July; we planned to party all night
So we rolled up to my best friends house
Loud beats on the speakers, we was blowin the tweeters
Aint no stoppin till the house came down
It was a beautiful day, with the parents away
And women hangin off the walls
All the girls in bikinis, sitting there eating weenies
Coz this party was exactly what we all came for
You gotta roll with the punches, take em as they come
Baby I can be your number one
You gotta do what you want girl, live it while your young
So here we go with another one
Ahh Freak out, coz the boys are back
And we wanna get down with you girl
No doubt, you can't hold us back
But I don't think you want to girl
Ahh Watch out-huh, this is full contact
And we gonna get close to you girl
Freak out, you can't hold us back
So the rest is up to you girl
There was a knock on the door, screaming down on the floor
The police saying that we getting busted
What unusual vision to see my face on television
I never thought I'd star in my own news report
To all the ladies out there, ya better prepare
Don't get your knickers in a twist coz we gonna play fair
We gonna be waiting right here
So We gonna be waiting right here
Girl there's no doubt that we gonna freak out
And you'll wanna get down coz your feelin me
Yo girl you look wow get your friends to come on down
If ya all wanna we can all freak out

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