One More Reason

Richard Bryant
I'd need a thousand reasons
To pack my trunk and leave this town behind
And since that woman put a man between us
I'm up to reason number nine hundred and ninety-nine
I know this town from way back
My friends are here I know their children's names
But circumstance is piling high around me
That gives me cause to think I'm in a losing game
Reasons one through twenty tell me that work here is scarce
Twenty-one through thirty deal with bad business affairs
Thirty-one through nine hundred and ninety-nine
Concern the above mentioned woman and a former friend of mine
One more reason at the most
Just one more reason and I'm ghost
One more reason and I'm gone
She was my heart's desire
My blood would know whenever she came near
But I am a man of suspicious nature
They sent me a card from Kansas that served to confirm all my worst fears
Somebody drop their hat and I'll be on my way
Somebody look at me funny and I will not stay
The heart has gone out of this town of mine
My friends are sympathetic but I'm feeling much maligned
One more reason at the most
Just one more reason and I'm ghost
One more reason and I'm gone

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