I'm afraid you failed this term
We can meet again on my terms
You don't quite make the grade
Your pleas, your opinions do not mean a thing
You preen yourself in the eyes of all
One call and it all comes down
Your insolence Your world of you
One call and we'll watch it come down
(One call and we'll watch it all come down)
I swear I'll make that call
I swear- Nothing makes sence like nonsence
It this life, you are kind, Bumbled, not
What you've got to give is not what I want to receive
Seven years to forgive?
I'll give you seven seconds to get out
You gave me seven years of neglect
I'll give you seven seconds to get out (today)
It doesn't work that way It doesn't work
I've left you behind liek a fucking ticket
and that shit is never getting paid Never

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