Come Into This House

Come into this house,
magnify the Lord
Lift up holy hands, our
hearts in one accord
For He's worthy, worthy
of all our praise
Stop dissin' just listen,
let me kick a little slang
I'll tell you all about
where we power people
hang out
With power over demons
and anything that's
We've trained our brains
to know Christ is the
Look plain and simp', the
devil's a pimp
The power of praise can
heal your limp
You've been spurned and
burned by a life with no
Bust out of prison with
the risen life Saviour
You've been used and
abused, sold down the
I've got news you can
choose, you need to be
With Christ you win,
without Christ you lose
But if you jam with the
Lamb, you're smooth
Amputation situation first
Cut out the jive, cut into
You need a healin' touch,
a big strong hand
Come rock with the flock
with the brothers that
He's worthy of honor
and glory
Worthy of power
and praise
Worship and bow down
before Him
Exalt His name today

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