Songtext von Christina Milian: Whatever You Want Ft Joe Budden

Whatever You Want Ft Joe Budden

Once again it's on
And we gonna ride out once again til dawn
Cut the lights out once againtil morn
Keep the lights out til the end of the song

Verse 1:
You feelin me and it's got you all fired up,up,up
Tryin to walk away, cause you don't want your heart tied up,up,up
(Pre-chorus)--still part of verse 1
But I can feel the proof when your holding me
Like to let you think your controlling me
Even thought that aint the deal
When I want I take the wheel and I know
Cant hide that your really into me
Hold is so tight I can barley breathe
Cause you know I keep it real
Giving you what you can feel

Whatever you want I got it
Whatever you need that's me
Feelin' the flow don't stop it
Whatever you'll need I'll be

Verse 2:Your frontin' like, you don't want know one to know
But it's in your eyes,that you don't want me to go



Joe Budden:

We gonna get it started,ok
Now go get the party jumpin' like me
Who crunk it like me
Lotta guys here but none is like me
Though some could try to be
With two or three chains up under the white tee
And I got two or three dames that's comin tonight see em
Done goodnight leave like one, Aight peace
Only Mike puts up numberlike these
And he's no longer playin
But neither am I
So what Im saying is hop in that deuce seater with I
Cause you know when them boots and the vita she fly
Other dudes act too cheap with the pie
Wont drop a few pennies or cop you a guinea
But I'll cop you as many
Toast to the bottles all empty like pardon the Bravado in me
Us two that's a plan somehow
Get to know each other later let's dance for now
Come on


Whatever you wan Im here for youAAAHHHHH'S
Whatever you need that's me, What ever you want AAAHHH'S

(Hook Out)


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