Rock And Cry

A read a story the other day
Guaranteed to tell you
How to shoo your blues away

You gather up your troubles
And all your bad news
Then you go and get yourself
A pair of dancing shoes


Then you rock (rock, rock)
Yes, rock and cry
Rock, rock, rock and cry
Go on and ock, rock, rock and cry
And you won't be crying long

Just plant a smile
Across your face
Keep spreading joy
All over the place

You're finally catching
And getting rid of the blues
When others get a look
At them dancing shoes

[Repeat CHORUS]

(Rock, rock)
(Rock and cry)
(Rock and cry)

Start running wild
Dance all night
Go right ahead on
And do the town up right

Don't drown your troubles
In those mean old blues
Plant 'em in the soles
Of those dancing shoes

[Repeat CHORUS]

No, you won't be crying long
And you won't be crying long

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