Only Living Soul

Across the river from the shores
Lands we explored
Nobody lives here no more

I think about the plans we had
I think about the things we said
I knew that things were turning bad
But I never thought it would end like this
I never imagined you gone
Took for granted you were always here
I yearn to feel loved by someone
But I wish now I could feel you near

Gone are the days
Another chance we won't find
It's the end of our time

Across the river from the shores
Land we explored
Nobody lives there no more
Once upon a dream the were children who once
In the dust
Now I'm the only living soul left here on my own
Nobody lives here no more no more
The sun will never set or dawn
The moon no longer yawns
As silent as the desert world
But nobody left to share it with
I'll never see your face again
Never hold you till the sun comes up
I'll never get to see the day
The day we had a family

Now all that's left is the dust and debris
And the memories

No no No no

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