Holly Wanstaho

What a wonderful [x3]
What a wonder ho [x2]
Why she wanna ho?
What a wonderful, what a wonder ho
Why she wanna ho? (I'll tell you why)
What a wonderful way to go out, ho

[Shock G]

I know a girl named Holly, I'm tellin she's sinkin
Thinkin about sellin that body
Contemplatin rollin up the stroll like a trolley
Wants fast money like Three-Card Molly
Oh look now, here comes Holly
Look at that smile, look at that body
Look at those eyes, Holly's real fly
Holly's real smart, Holly's real pretty
Holly got flavour but she's got no pride
Holly wants to hide in the corner of the city
Holly ain't sick, Holly ain't crazy
Ain't got it bad, the ho's just lazy
Now she's lookin into hookin
Quick money on her back so the ho can live fat
Holly thinks that's where it's at
But curiosity is gonna kill that cat
Born with a gift, think she'll ever use it?
Hell no, cause Holly wants to ho


If that ho don't stop, it that ho don't stop


Holly likes to ho and use dildoes as long as my bills grow
I'm not trippin, she be dippin in wallets, all it's
Gonna get is me rich, I tried to dis the bitch
But she slits her wrists every time, she said:
'I wanna grind and make scratch with my snatch'
Cool, latch onto my belt buckle
One time she came short all she felt were the knuckles
Beating her down I saw her on Geraldo
After the show MAD calls for the ho
You can save all the chit-chatter and all the bitchin
By this time next year you'll be fuckin politicians
Every one in a while I catch her home she be callin
Bawlin, but I'm only sensitive when I bust a nut
After I bless you with the dick you've got to cut
And make my bucks, giddy-up giddy-up, giddy-up!
Oh, time to go, when it comes to male personnel
Holly likes to ho


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