Boom, boom, boom, 'open the door, ATF'
To late to send my girl downstairs
To say he left
With the basement
Go through the replacement door
Come up in my neighbor's yard
Wit' the taste of war
You know I laced the 4
Wit' the hollows
Crack the safe grab the bottles
(What you want me to do?)
Feed Carlos
2 houses over by the tall black fenct
I keep the hooptie parked
For situations like this
There go Reese, yo get in, you drive
(What the fuck you doin' nigga?)
Tryin' to stay alive
Cops on every corner
I lay back and try to cruise by
Who the fuck could 'a' snitched
Must 'a' been the new guy
Damn, they're back on our ass
Put yo' foot back on the gas
Step on it fast
Tryin' to pull up on the side
But I'm packin' a blast
Tryin' to take them niggaz heads off
Fuck crackin' the glass
And then look out, ah, damn, came so close
You almost hit that bitch
(Like you said nigga, almost)
Shit, the cops hummin'
But I know they aint gon' leave 'er
Go up here make this left
Pull it over, take a breather
'Drop it on the floor,' boom
Got it through the door
Pedal to the floor
We off and flyin'
Death is in the air
And I don't know if it's mine
But I'll know if it's time
It'll be when it is
And all I can think of is
What about my kids?
Shit, they on the corner
'Hit the sidewalk quick'
1,2,3,4,5, more clips
Hit the fire hydrant
Get low for the shoot out
Run throught he 5
Pull the joint from my boot out
Caught me in the shoulder, the neck, the ear
I'm goin' out fast
And the last thing I hear
Boom, boom, boom, 'open the door, ATF

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