She Dies

The cold wind blew into my life, my adored
A bleeding heart we share, now on AzraelÒs wings
I fall like autumn rain
You are my everything
This lovelorn kiss of death in lugubrious silence
Dawn breaks open like a wound and the dreadful sun
Two souls entwined together,
Still so alone
Both you and I are shattered
And frozen in stone
You begged for air from within this cold tomb with pain sharp as a knife
I now lie resting like a child on thy womb, gave back a part of my life
For a while it had disappeared, but nothing was changed
A haze fell forever with her fading life
I leaned my head back then drank of opaline
The emerald goddess came to me she craved my soul
And just for a while I had forgotten
Yes, it was all forgotten, but nothing was changed
Suddenly a cold breeze blew across our room
I felt like I wanted to leave this world with her
Come; drink with me the divine nectar of Olympus!
Sit beside me and help defy our adversity and loss
This adversity and loss It all ends with you!
I kiss you in your dying breath; sleeping quietly now
Swept away by heavy eyelids; forever in my dreams
And you will be safe in my dearest dreams
My love forever in my dearest dreams

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