Bleed Mask Bleed

The mask is standing aside, the mask is noticed sometimes
Caught at the first glance cancelled by mind at once
The mask allowed him to grow, the mask allows him to show around
With no sound, woth no mask he'd be underground
The mask is helping hiding the sad truth,
Covering the scary face of a man too weary
The mask was pitiful, now the mask's a beautiful smile, pictured and lying
Keeping the world from crying

Bleed from the sky, red as the sunset's blazing eye
Bleed like rain, bleed far away

Man's flesh was so waek, man's brain was so thick
It flew off in one blow, spreading wide like red snow
The mask was better, the mask will go to Heaven
Torn by the rifle, unaware of what it died for

Bleed from the sky, red as the sunset daze the eye
Bleed like you did, Bleed far from here

Caught by the flood, floating on dark waters
Mirroring forever, find yourself away
Better for all, seeing not each other
Seeing what we look like when the mask is off

Go mask and stop only where
A man's known, respected, not for the mask that he wears

Bleed from the sky, red as the sunset's blazing eye
Bleed like rain, bleed far away
Bleed on the fields, red as the autumn paints the hills
Bleed like you deed, bleed mask bleed

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