Stygian Narcosis

Whispers of insanity bombard my rationale
Aeons passed since I last did feel,
The joy of my tears,
Streaming,in dissipation of sorrow

The insidious beauty,so quiescent
Vehemence,stronger still,
Yet dying

As yet another gorge,
Fails to bleed
I rub salt into mine open wounds,
Scars heal,but the flesh is then dead
Pain spills,from my mind into my body

Time expires,
And I see what has passed
Overspent in mourning
Death came for me in years of past,
And left me to live in death

Life is given to usobsolete

As the dust flew,I smelt the ancient past
From whence did I know what it is that I know?
Or what it was that I knew?
Time is the carrier of knowledge
Much can be recalled in time
But in a moment?

Knowledge becomes nothing,
When faced with the propensity of time
Once lost,'tis lost forever
So much to know (each answer begets a greater question),
The importance of truth is so much greater,
And hidden amongst lies

I am all which mocks virtue

Release the shackles of the flesh,
What name must I bequeath (upon my kingdom)?

Amidst the slumber,I awaken the dream

Portals of obscurity burst forth into my eyes,
As I plunge into the ascending chaos

I journey on,the lights dripping their luminescence
Crossed dimensions imbibe me,
I see all,but can do nothing but see

I roam

I am enraged
Inspired by my insanity

These worlds,unknown
I cry for this solitude
Is it mine fortune to have entered such visions?
Canst I decipher the vision to words?

Words cannot conceive
I extol my journey through the vision of sound

Imbibe thine mind if thou durst see!
Travel betwixt the demented seas!

Reflect the journey

[Lyrics-Greg,Winter 1995/96]
[Music-Steve,Winter/Spring 1996]

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