11 Hours

If I could just step into this
Losing time but gaining an insight
Into what's in store for me
Along the edge it seems I might
Be too late to contemplate
Sense we've been lost for days on end
I can't stay to set things straight
I'm tired of waiting here for you

Holding back these things I left inside
I wonder where I could go hide
As 11 hours go by


What you see is what you get
So it comes down to
These things that we cannot forget
And we cant take back your dreams
Mean so much to me, like we're over

Since I can't help but ponder this
And never regret the things I've missed
And never known just what to do
The more I think I think of you

Holding back these things I left inside
Wonder if I've wasted my time I'm getting left behind
Can't help but wonder where I'd be
Guess I'll have to wait and see
As 11 hours go by, its so easy cause


They said "we don't wanna be the ones to bring you down"
Instead, cause you're too strong to take that fall this time
Wait right here, I swear I wont keep running
I won't fear, if you just keep it coming
We're back again, looking in, where to stop? Can't begin
Can't begin, never win, tell me whose there in the end
Tell me whose there in the end, tell me whose there in the end
tell me whose there in the end

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