Word To The Wise

you know God don't smoke
he won't choke no way
I can't believe my eyes
you portray him wrong
you don't sing his song
here's a word to the wise
poking fun at him
hide behind your grin
you hang him by the wrists
from a cross he hangs
blood leaves his veins
in fear you clench your fist

Jesus hears you cry
do you know he died
for a worthless one like you
God paid the price
here's some good advice
die to self before you're through
would you give your son
or someone you love
to save a rotting world
to this earth he's born
to a crown of thorns
to serve beyond the hurt

God he's the way he's the answer
if you'd only see
God he's the way let him heal you
and set you free
God he's the way he's the answer
makes the blind man see
God he's the way he's the answer
if you'd only see

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