Songtext von Gemma Fox: Girlfriend's Story (Album Snippet Mix)

Girlfriend's Story (Album Snippet Mix)

So sad she didn't make it, it's time for us to fight back
Cant believe he did that there,hit her up and pulled her hair no good he kept her fearful
Every night he gave her earful "don't do that,don't to this" her friends were clueless
Her Mom had no idea that he wasn't playin fair but she was young damn she did what she could to
Manage she didn't think that this fool would ever take advantage
Not only was he worthless on top of that he was stupid and that's how women suffer i think
We've had enuff of
[Verse 1]
Everyday she would call me with another story said her mans treating her so Ba-ad
This can't be the same girl thought your man was your world?
Can't you see he's making you so sa-ad
He creeps up on you daily leaves you with the baby he wont leave or go away it's all up to you
Girl we don't have a clue girl about your pain
How could let him treat you so bad (No-oh)
You know your the best he's ever had (No-oh) [X2]
[Verse 2]
Got woke up in the night see blue lights shining brightly heard screams they said a girl was
Dead caught up in a domestic that she could have left it her skull served injuries to her head
I can't believe your gone girl what about ur son girl
Girl like you out of he's way for u I'll say a prayer girl,put that man in jail girl,ill miss
You friend
To all my ladies if you feel me
Then cry for help you need to live your life learn to respect your self
You need to stop the pain break the chain look out for love make no mistakes it's not too late

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