Fire And Love

Another day try to stand up straight;
keep the world from draggin' me,
down'; fight the flames that feed
the fire, but my mind keeps spinnin'
around Holding on to what You
said, cuz I know Your words are
true; only way to win this fight is
to keep my eyes on, You
Fire and Love, the two extremes
that we live between Fire and
Love, there's more to life than the
eye can see
Feelin' down, well I've been there
too; I know just how you, feel A
winning hand from every side, it's
hard to tell what's real Caught
between the two extremes, Feel
the pull from side to side Trying
to run the easy road; just enough
to get you by
Oh Lord, I know You've got the
answers; Oh Lord, I know You are
the Way Oh Lord, I know You
are the Answer, Oh Lord, I need
You, everyday
James 1:2-4 / Corinthians 3:11-15

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