Love Bee

(RJ Johnson/The Honeyrods)
She paints her face
with her pretty red lipstick
laugh at me when I make
another fool slip
I can't see what she wants from me
so I think I better leave
She ignores me when
I try to make the first move
it drives me crazy cause I
hate it when I know I lose
she won't get what she wants from em
unless I feel the sting of the
Love bee
stings so sweetly
doors like this don't open quickly
I can't please myself
I release myself
I can't try this, I won't buy this, If I try this
why waste time?
Frustrated by the
muse meant to stop her
I hat my hands cause
I can't keep 'em off her
say she's mine for me says I
when I held her by my side
I ignore her when
she tries to make the first move
drives me crazy cause I
hate it when I know I lose
don't know why she's all I need
it must have been something bout' the

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