Dance Of The Screamers

So i'm screaming this to you -waaaaaaagh-
From thr last place in the queue -waaah-, -waaah-
I really think you'd liek me given half a chance
But since we ain't got that i'll do the screamers' dance

Some of us are ugly angel, some of us are only small
Some of us are useless sailor, they haven't got the where-with-all
We went and missed the ending babe, we never quite caught the bus
We never speak our minds my love, we ain't got nothing to discuss

Some of us are useless luv, it comes from facing up to facts
It's hard to be a hero handsome, when you've had your helmet cracked
Cheerfulness is catching sweetie, when the fevers you have got
We've got a tempreture my dear, but we simpley havent got the hots

So i'm screaming this to you -waaaaaaagh-
Silly season, skys are blue -waah-, -waah- -waah -
I hardly ever think, i've made a small advance
I keep my elbows in and do the screamers' dance

-Wawl-, Some of us are stupid sister, some of us are very shy
Some of us get nervuos chicken, when you look us in the eye
We're ever so pathetic, chickie, we know quite well that we try too hard
Some of us were born like this while others got it by the yard

So i'm screaming this to you -waaaaaaagh-
Coz I haven't got a clue -wuuaaarrh-
I really think i'd like you given half the chance
As we ain;t got that i'll do the screamers dance
-Waaaaaaagh- -waaaaaaagh-
-Waaaaaaagh- -waaaaaaagh-

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