Blowout Freestyle

11Blowout Freestyle
This is I'll Bill kill the police kill the president kill the police kill the police
I go from Brooklyn to Baghdad to Little Rock
Pistol pop
You get fucked up like an airline through a bitches twat
Listen up
My brain erupt
Like volcanoes
Hotter than jalepanos
Half a yall are the faggots takin it in the A hole
I spray crhome
At your dome
Like crime out
Wile out
I pull the nine out
Bust one nut in a dimes mouth
I shot loud
Put yall on time out
You Get your mind cloud
Head wetted up with the bud I smell cloud
Spit the real
Like the twelve tribes of Israel
Gangsta but I still don't want nobody's kid killed
I spilled enough blood
Slinged enough drugs
To them children I'm innocent
But the rest of ya'll faggots can eat a dick
I don't like non of ya'll never did
Non Phixion forever kid
We negative
We stay on top
I tried to play it cool but the plan dropped
Landslide avalance casteration
Masturbation Assassination of the fastest nation
Nuclear warhead evaporation
Aggrevasion lepresy
Fault the pieces
Talk to Jesus
Walk with ya'll with us it's tall we creepin

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