A Lesson in Dating

1st Verse:
Relationship rule number one find out where she's coming from and please don't jump in with both feet be insincere and discreet so how did the first greeting end? Did you kiss her good night and pretend that the world couldn't spin without her? Don't give in take a hint or find out yourself about women
1st Chorus:
First thing's first measure your morals and values with hers because no one knows how far she'll go and the look in her eyes caught you up by surprise I would know I would know
2nd Verse:
And after a month you'll be told that the heart on your sleeve's wearing old and she'd like it if you never say "I love you baby"? but to make a quite long story short just take it for all that it's worth maybe you were never meant to be let her go and you'll know what I'm talking about let her go and you'll know just what I'm talking about
2nd Chorus:
Only making matters worse this won't be the last time you'll say you care but please beware that girls like to play with your mind they don't care and did you get everything that you came for I know there's still more well it's yours rest assured and it's standing right next to you (a missing reward)->4x
I'm not the one missing out on me->many times

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