Repercussions in Rhode Island

1st Verse: I don't see anything worth holding onto, except for the pieces of your broken heart, its dull in the center but the shell makes you sharp, so I'd rather hold on to nothing, for the cut that it leaves is a rip in my sleeve, the place where my heart beats alone and still bleeds
Chorus: So I'll leave tonight without saying goodbye, because my non-existence means nothing to you, so just tell your lies because honestly it's a hard working crime and I wouldn't want to let you get caught into, something true
2nd Verse: Your bed is so warm and inviting, the blankets and sheets welcome somebody's cheat, your stench is not bearing, and you reek of deceit, while your breath speaks volumes of fun, sharing last night with this past summer's crush, excluding the bottle including the lust (lush), Running away from your bargained loss, attempts at escape seem so simple and fake, but the problem at hand is a complex mistake, where you sold your soul to the devil, you've misplaced your anger, envy, and distress, so I'm taking the blame and you're pleading the fifth

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