Rise n Shine

[ INTRO: Kool Moe Dee ]

And yes y'all
The sounds that you hear
Is gonna be so rare
You have no fear
Cause three live brothers are here
We got KRS-One from Boogie Down Productions
Special shout to Melodie
We got my man Chuck D in the house from Public Enemy
And I am Kool Moe Dee

[ VERSE 1: Kool Moe Dee ]

Are you ready, to elevate
As I rhyme on time you'll illuminate
Hard as diamond, knowledge shinin
It's that time and it's all in the timin
400 years blood, sweat and tears
The rain is over, and the sun is here
Yeah, bright and clear, countdown to the year
No fear, cause I'm in there
Holdin my mic like the staff of Ra
Bringin true light after dark
Brothers are live, but still unborn
It's almost morn and it's time to mourn
See the light like a crack of dawn
The comatosed and the cracked are re-born
Reurgitatin the garbage we're fed
Cause this time dawn is dawn of the dead

Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)
Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)
Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)

Rise and shine

Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)
Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)
Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)

Get up

[ VERSE 2: Kool Moe Dee ]
I rise and shine like the sun on the one
We dance together, we overcome
A wake-up call to wake up all
Stand up tall, get up and get up, y'all
Clap your hands in jubilation, meditation
Recreation, procreation of the mind
If you seek, we'll find
Born two times, but still one of a kind
Learn your past, find your path-acapo

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