I Dont Want To Hurt You

Baby, you know you mean the world to me
That's why I can't keep you in this situation,
Where I can hurt you
Can I talk to you?

[Verse 1]

First of all
I wanna tell you that all I do is have
love for you (Love for you)
No matter we goes up through ways I still
ride for you (ride for you)

Cause you're the truth (cause you're the truth)
Can't be replaced (can't be replaced)
You're the type of girl to make a nigger go out and get the ring
But the problem is, I'm not positive that I can give
the commitment that you're asking for

Cause right now I'm young and though you're the one
I can't guarantee that I can be the one you want
You want someone who is faithful
I'm not admitting I can't do it; just don't wanna put you through it

If I may happen to see one,
She may holler I may holler, but I wouldn't wanna do that to you


Girl I feel that I'll be cheatin' you
If I continue twistin' you
Cause you're ready to get serious,
I'm not cause I'm still curious

I'd rather keep it real,
than tell you how I feel
Cause I think you're beautiful,
and I don't want to hurt ya, no

[Verse 2]

See over and over again I keep on sayin' to myself
I must be goin' out my mind to not wanna spend all my time with her
Cause I love ya more, and to game your heart

Cause I know that I'm not ready,
To lock it down 4 times,
Settle down with 1 dime,
spend the rest of my life with you

It's better right now, than any later
Trust me, I've had a broken heart before
I know just how it feels,
And know in time it will
In time

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