No Rope As Long As Time

Old Afrikaaner farmer on the terrace of his home
Sits gently in his rocking chair, gazing at this land
He owns.
There he sees his memories and there his past
There he smiles his grim smile, strokes his gun, swears
He'II make it last.

Someone brings the whisky, someone serves the meal
Like the someone in the township, in the mine and in
The fields.
Someone at the graveyard, someone with their tears
Someone who can't forget the freedom lost these 100

Old man, you can boost about the gun that's by your bed
Old man, you can tell me how you're good for all your
Kaffirs yet
And your guns can fire and your prisons fill
And you've yards of rope for hanging still

But your guns can shoot and never hit the sky
And there's no rope as long as time.

Mandela in the prison, Biko in the ground
Sharpeville and Soweto voices silenced till the end of
Freedom don't come easy, don't come bloodless. don't
Come fast
But in the hearts of the countless people.
No pass law's gonna stop us pass.

Sometimes he'II talk of reasons, economy and cause
Sometimes he'II even talk of changes
Though he clasps the gun and het talks of laws.
Gut power ain't this old man's gift
And freedom's no reform
The old man made the history and the history's made of

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