Diamonds in My Pinky Ring

Imma flip paint filp paint roll dank dank
Money in the bank bank diamonds in my pinky ring
Imma flip paint filp paint roll dank dank
Money in the bank bank diamonds in my pinky ring
Im so addicted to makin money it's funny
My speakers beat the block so the hatas they hear me comin
The candy paint flippin and swervin it make ya pick up
Today im feelin good so im destened to pick a bitch up
Put it all on my chedda my diamonds shinnin like im richer
But chrome wheels spinnin so people can take a picture
Aint never comin flawed throw some diamonds in my jaw
Put some pipes on the back i be shakin them hatas off
Stay connected wit some head bussas hatas comin round
But aint no competition dumpin bitches in the ground
Cause im balln like im posed to money in the bank
Wanna get on my level but they flawin they know they cant
Big bang take lil bang fuck what you damn think
Gettin to the bread and look blind by the pinky ring
Disorderly conduct i cound really give a fuck
Stay buckin the crowd and yo face staight sippin crunk
Im gettin to the money so fuck the nonsense
Im a g motha fucka i leave your head in dents
I got that action yea i make money with a pasion
Like E-40 with clips i load clips on the mac
And man im gettin rich so fuck the bullshit
Gotta swing on a nigga man fuck that bitch
Cause i don't know what you been told
But i got gats and i got jewels
And scrappy talkin shit i fuck yo bitch on the regula
Im gettin paid look shorty i damage ya
Them hoes gon love me hatas wanna bust me
And i pitty the fool who really wanna touch me


See this money i made it
Baby shake it for daddy
Go get your friends and pussy pop it for me a lil scrappy
And niggas don't wait I'll stab ya
That 45 i grab it
And cock it back and let you pussy mothafuckas back
Who want it you seen it i did it
Bitch i switch glocks and switch spots if it get hot
Switch rocks and switch bras on they ass
And then i keep em admiring my long dreds and glasses
Now imma flip paint flip paint smoke dank dank
Money in the bank bank with diamonds in my teeth and chain
And check out my pinky ring
You know it's blingin man
Im jumpin outta the benz with diamonds all on my wrist and thangs
Im gettin to this paper like im supposed to be
Muh'fuckas in the street label me a young G
Diamonds in my pinky ring get my watch and my chains
Bringin pain to the game lickin all of these lanes
Aka mister T the platinum version
Every nigga gonna hate if their pockets be hurtin
Straight from atlanta told me web was like a black pantha
Stackin paper like my name was tony montana
Its G's up so get your g's up
I don't like to get violent but I'll fuck your ass up
Hey you don't really wanna taste my nuts
Make a meal out the deal and im still gettin bucked
(Chorus x 2)

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