Y' understand I was not lookin' whereby to fall in love
I'd come downtown to check out a band at The
Continental Club
A Mamie Van Doren-lookin' woman come in the door
She was untamed youth rebellion and truth and so much
I don't know if she had seen the light, she seemed at
Home in the
Her eyes met mine and it was like the time they split
The atom apart

She could have had any biker in the bar but she come up
To me
She said "You're done sleeping around, from now on
You're with me"

Y' understand I did not know if this was my last or my
Lucky day
She said "You wanna go for a joy ride or you wanna stay
Here and
I thought about my choices and I guess I could have
Said no
But it was just a band I'd come to see, so I mumbled

"Let's go"
She had an old Camaro--naugahyde tuck and roll
She said "You can't live down in Texas if you don't
Have a lot of

The stereo was blasting "Mendocino" by Doug Sahm
She said "Fasten your seatbelt, you're with me from now

Understand I was not sleeping at the next day's sunrise
Me and this joy ride angel were up all night it's no
When we got to her house she said "Go on and take off
Your shoes.
I don't smoke afterwards I prefer to listen to blues"
"I know you're an old roots rocker and that's a
When she said "Do you want to hear some Slim Harpo," I
Knew she was
Heaven sent

In her fine presence is where I want to be
I'm done sleeping around, from now on she's with me...

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