Songtext von Red Butt Closeup: Song for the Living Dead

Song for the Living Dead

We never saw them coming, but there they were
Hard to shake but not so hard to find (these days)
I see them walking around, all fucked up, for nothing
Unnatural creatures of the night
They should be buried six feet below the ground
Instead they have the audacity to walk around
Long dead heroes walk again
Rusty swords and naked bones
Ancient wardrobes, pointed teeth
All of mankind on their knees
Walking corpses, open graves
feel the stench of rotting flesh,
Wrapped in ribbons, sealed in tombs
casting curses for long forgotten gods
for their numbers
for their hordes
Undead warriors under a banner of might
Marching out to end all light
The wheels of hell will grind indefinitely
The devils own, set out tonight
Rise up from the dirt, don't stay behind
Retribution soon will follow
Blood will be drawn from those who struck you down
Oblivion will bide your time
They can't stand that I'm superior
They deeserve to die, you're nothing but animals
Nothing but swine, you can't bring me down
The only way to stay alive
Repent your sins you'll pay with
You'll reap the hate you saw
You can't bring me down
Rise, rise, rise
From the dust
Rise, rise, rise
From the dirt
Rise, rise, rise
from the soil
Rise, rise, rise
from your grave
Wake up come and serve me
Let fear be your lance
Your sword will cut the masses
as you roam this city's nights
Your weakness is the needle
combined with thread and salt
You're deepest fear?re the seas
It's all the sunset's fault
You've seen the picture, you know the score
but times have changed and nothing's like before
Your crypt was desecrated and now there's nothing left
unnatural creatures upset by theft
You wish you slept, six feet below the ground
But no, they had the audacity to hunt you down

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