Informer 99

Informer, you no say
That's who I'm gonna blame
A likky boom boom down
Detective man said Daddy Snow
I stabbed someone down the lane
A licky boom boom down
Informer, you no say
That's who I'm gonna blame
A licky boom boom down
Detective man said daddy snow
I stabbed someone down the lane
A licky boom boom down

Police them come and they blow down my door
One him a crawl through my windo
There is something you must really know
I'm born and reaised in the ghetto
That's all I want you to know
Pure black people is all that I know
My shoes used to tear up and my toes used to show
Never let them show
But never let Informer, him know


The bigger they are
They think they have more power
They're on the phone
Me say on every hour
I said I want to use it once
To call my lover
Lover who I'm going to call
It is still Tamei
I lover her from my heart
Down to my belly


Watch my girl, watch my girl
Come with a nice young lady
Intelligent, yes she's gentle and irie

Everywhere I go, I've never left her at all
Yes, me Snow roam the dance
Roam the dance in every nation
You'll never know, me daddy Snow
I am the boom Shakata
I'll never lay down flat in one cardboard box
Yes, me Daddy Snow
I'm gonna reach the top, so?

(mc shan part)

If you analyze my style you'll see I'm pure breed Rotweiller
And we could go line per line and match that dollar for dollar
I seems that I spit a luggie every time that I spit
And as the balls flow by it seems the grittier it gets
And in this game you gotta choose between your pride and your chips
Who rides in your whiz and what slides from your lips
And if my shit was any hotter my lungs would combust and explode
And they say the man of steel would never rust and corrode
And still I don't like no Informer




hakan 44     2011-03-24 09:05    
mein absolutes lieblingslied
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