Bisexual Teens


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I met them on a New York plane
Beth and Donna were their names
They offered me no chances to forget
I left my girlfriend that same day
I never liked her anyway
Besides these girls had made me their pet


They were bisexual
I'm an open minded guy
I let them play me like a violin
'till I arrived

Like cats in heat
won't miss a beat
they knew just what to do
They taught me all the moves
and all the right positions too

Interesting pornography
that is what they were to me
Their love was such as I had not seen

They fucked each other upside down
with tools I've never seen around
Do you comprehend what I mean


I have had lots of kicks
had houndreds
but none quite like this
Like playing games
with warheads nuclear powered
hit or miss

They were so full of life
so beautiful in every way
If it was up to me
I'd have'em every single day



And the lights from the grimy signs
flickers pathetically towards the evening sky
Like saved souls
on their way to heaven
as they quickly pass you by

Or damned once being heightened
by their sense of asking
"Why wasn't I chosen
for that glorious place
where all them angels go to die"

And I say hey girl
it's not easy


To be yourself
but it works
I think

Just let the western city
shine its special light on you
and you'll be fine

Just let the western city
shine its special light on you
and you'll be fine

And don't ever let them hold you down
No, don't ever let them hold you down
No baby listen
don't ever let them hold you down

Never let them hold you down

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