If I Can Give It to You

Time is movin' quickly
I have never seen it go so fast
I was tryin' to recover but my
watch was just a minute fast
It's not that I haven't been there though
I just cannot stand to let you go
And I have to say
It shouldn't be that way
What I have to do
Is get through to you
That all I've got to give is yours
if I can give it to you
All I've got to give is yours
if I can give it to you
Bums are sleepin' in the alley
you can hear the streetcats cry
But I can't get no rest, i doesn't
really matter where I lie
Sometimes I think I should be feeling sad
but then I end up thinkin' that it ain't so bad
Well, the night is growin' heavy
I can barely get up off the floor
I've been tryin' to forget you
but I think about you more and more
It used to be such a simple thing
to wait around and see what would tomorrow bring

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