Work All Day

We've all got problems - that's a fact
Don't sit there and act like you're so damn perfect
We gotta make a living - you and me
But the green's got you so blinded, that you just can't see
Clocked in at six in the morning
And didn't clock out till six at night
Yeah, a life spent under the impression
That you ain't never worth a dime unless you work all your life
But he still got nothing done
If I work all day, I should get paid for somethin'
But I work all day, and still get nothin'
No purpose, but to fill his prophecy
I won't be stuttering
I'm not gonna let 'em eat me
Gotta go wherever my gut leads me
Dad says go to work just to be like him
But a future like his looks way too dim
Hey dad, don't forget what's important
Like your kids, your wife, and your dreams

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