Her Silent Cry At Dawn

A tear fell on his grave
His soul ended it's race
Silent, lonely, boarded over
Covered by the hatred of this world
Sails deep into their Kingdom
Sent to the unknown god
Abyss is wide open
He follows an unfamiliar path

Four roads are widely known
At the end of fifth he will stand alone
He is rising higher and higher
No retreat: he can't go down
Pushed by the people's hands
Towards that beautiful, blue gate
He's been deprived of choice and fate
He's been isolated from people and himself

Threat turned into safety
They satisfied their god
He had everything - therefore he sails
He sails away from them, sails away from her
He used to be a key to the closed gates
Against millions of years - he was alone
The World deprived him of everything
He used to be a threat - now he's not

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