• Kris Kristofferson, Ray Price & Willie Nelson
    Why Me
  • Kris Kross
    Alright, Da Bomb, I Missed the Bus, Live And Die For Hip Hop, Tonites Tha Night, Warm It Up, Da Streets Ain't Right, Kris Kross / Tonite's Tha Night, Live And D...
  • Kris Lawrence
    Careless Whisper, I Will Take You Forever, Kung Malaya Lang Ako, Kung Paano, Thanks To You, When I See You Smile, How Could You?, I Would Do Anything For You, W...
  • Kris Tyler
    What A Woman Knows
  • Krisdayanti
    Doa, Hati Ini Telah Dilukai, Jangan Pergi, Kau dan Aku, Ku Tak Sanggup, Mencintaimu, Menghitung Hari, Penantian, Pengabdian Cinta, Yang Kumau
  • Krishna
    Rahasia Indah
  • Krishna Balagita
    Biarkan Ku Pergi, Bilakah, Cinta Dalam Kesedihan, Cinta Pertama, Haruskah Ku Mati, Jalan Cahaya, Kau Buatku Menangis, Kemanakah, Langit Tujuh Bidadari, Manja, R...
  • Krishna Das
    God Is Real / Hare Ram, Jai Jagadisha Hare, Mere Gurudev, Puja, Rudrashtakam, Sita's Prayer / Hey Mata Durga, Sri Hanuman Chaleesa / Gate Of Sweet Nectar
  • Krisiun
    Aborticide (In The Crypts Of Holiness), Abyssal Gates, Ageless Venomous, Agonize The Ending, Apocalyptic Victory, Black Force Domain, Blind Possession, Conquero...
  • Krispies
    (blessed With) Nine Lives, Blessed With Nine Lives, Dear Louise, Lover, Lucky Stars, Miss You when Youre Dead, Nine Lives, Radical, Radio, Solid Gold Rockstar, ...
  • Kriss Kross
    Alright, I Missed The Bus, Jump, Live And Die For Hip-Hop, Money, Power And Fame, Tonight's The Night, Tonite`s Tha Night, Warm It Up, Da Bomb
  • Krisspy
    La Va A Pagar
  • Krissy And Ericka
    Up Up Down Down, Runaway, Don't Say You Love Me, 12:51
  • Krist Melecio
  • Krista
    Crash And Burn, J'te Trompe Cheri, Temporary Insanity, Missile
  • Krista Branch
    I Am America
  • Kristal
    Memburu Impian
  • Kristali
  • Kristeen Young
    8, Cherry, Corpulent And Indolent, Fishnet, Friend Or Faux, Now You Can Not Live, PE914, Programme X, The Human Kind, The Sweetest Freedom, Yummy, Back to Schoo...
  • Kristen Barry
    BIG GIRL, COOL, CREATED, Cupcake And Boo Boo Cow, FOOLISHNESS, God In The Box, GOTTA GO, I SWEAR, Joyride, Ordinary Life, PARALYZED, SEEING GUN, Take It Away, W...
  • Kristen Chenoweth
    Because He Lives
  • Kristen Hall
    Bed We Made, Colder, Cry Tomorrow, Dont Tell Me, Empty Promises, Fading Away, Following My Compass, Heaven Knows, I Should Know, Let It Rain, Moment in a Day, O...
  • Kristen Key
  • Kristen Nichole
    Silence, DrumRoll
  • Kristene Mueller
    All My Devotion, Amazing Grace, Homeward Bound, Jamie's Song, Mercy, Praise The Lord, Redemption, Saint Francis, Those Who Dream, Trust
  • Kristian Anttila
    Smutser, Hetsdöpt, Harhjärta, Din Kärlek, Bland Bovar å Banditer, Bara Utifall, Bereden Väg, Hårt Godis, Innan Bomberna, Kom, Körsbär, Lillasvart, Lystring, Nat...
  • Kristian Leontiou
    Caught In The Moment, Fall And I Will Catch You, Hanging, Love Is All I Need, Shining, Shinning, Some Say, Sometimes I Wonder, Story Of My Life, The Years Move ...
  • Kristian Montgomery Band
    Idiot's Pace, Orlean's Warm Water
  • Kristian Stanfill
    Be With You Forever, Holding My World, Lord Almighty, Say Say, You Will Reign, Beautiful Jesus, Like A Lion, Always
  • Kristian Valen
    Still Here, Hideaway, If I Was, I Surrender, I Will Get By, Living The Dream, Somewhere Down The Line, Too Far, Where Are You Now, Where I'm Going
  • Kristiana King
  • Kristiania
    Changes, Heading Home, So Far, So Blue, Would You Be, Beautiful Day For Sure
  • Kristiina Brask
    Nyt Mä Meen, Pilvet Valmiina, Rakkaus Voittaa, Silmät Sydämeeni, Tuulilasin Nurkkaan, Unohtaisinpa, Viileää, Liian Kaukana
  • Kristiina Wheeler
    Annie And I, Sunny Day, You'll Be Gone, Tyttö
  • Kristin
    For Chris
  • Kristin Chenoweth
    Taylor, The Latte Boy, Because He Lives, Borrowed Angels, Popular, Come On Ring Those Bells, A Marshmallow World, Born On Christmas Day, Christmas Island, Dadd...
  • Kristin Chenowith
    Fathers And Daughters
  • Kristin Hersh
    A Loon, Beestung, Heaven, Hips and Makers, Jesus Christ, Like You, Me And My Charms, Shake, Stained, Teeth, Tuesday Night, Velvet Days, Your Ghost, Amica Montan...
  • Kristin Hoffmann
    When We Were Kids, It's A Game, I Declare, Home, Falling, 3 O'clock In The Morning, Bittersweet, Divided Heart, Don't Tell Me About It, Easy, Lay Down Your Ligh...
  • Kristin Lems
    Cuyahoga River, Farmer, For All Women in Struggle, Mammary Glands, Marynell, Talkin Gender Neutral Blues, The Fifties Sound, Women Walk More Determined, Not Yet...
  • Kristina Bach
    Antonio, Caballero - Caballero, Das Feuer Einer Sommernacht, Der Mann, Ein Bisschen NHer Zu Dir, Er Schenkte Mir Den Eiffelturm, Geh Nie Vorbei, HeiEr Sand, Ich...
  • Kristina Cornell
    It's A Girl Thing, Little Red Balloon
  • Kristina Debarge
    Disconnect, Goodbye, Speak Up
  • Kristine Blond
    Loveshy, You Make Me Go Oooh, You Belong to Someone Else
  • Kristine Mirelle
    Candy, Let Go
  • Kristine Sa
    A Dose Of You, Real Emotion, The Truth Is
  • Kristine W.
    All That Glitters, Breathe, Pieces of Me and You, Prairie Day, Waters Run Deep, The Wonder Of It All, Walk Away, Someone, All That Really Matters, Don't Wanna T...
  • Kristine Weitz
    All That Glitters
  • Kristinia Debarge
    Cried Me A River, Died In Your Eyes, Disconnect, Doesn't Everybody Want To Fall In Love, Future Love, Goodbye, It's Gotta Be Love, Powerless, Sabotage, Somebody...
  • Kristo Numpuby
    Brave Margot, Chanson Pour L'auvergnat, Corne D'aurochs, La Chasse Aux Papillons, Les Copains D'abord, Le Fossoyeur, Le Gorille, Le Petit Cheval Blanc, Paraplui...
  • Kristy & Jimmy McNichol
    He's So Fine
  • Kristy Frank
  • Kristy Jackson
    Little Did She Know, Little Did She Know (She'd Kissed A Hero)
  • Kristy Lee
    Defeated, One More Time
  • Kristy Lee Cook
    Hoping To Find, 15 Minutes Of Shame, Like My Mother Does, Rescue Me, Perfect Love, Anyway, Baby Believe, Blue, Clean Break, Coat Of Many Colors, Devoted, Eight ...
  • Kristy Scott
    Losing Faith
  • Kristy Starling
    Broken, Something More, There Will Come A Day, To Where You Are, Water, All For You, As Long As We're Here, Must Have Been Angels, Something More (I Need To Pra...
  • Kristyn Getty
    There Is A Higher Throne
  • Krisztina
    Naturally, Ebressz Fel
  • Krizz Kaliko
    Anxiety, In Da Whip, Let's Dip, No More Me And You, Vitiligo
  • Krokus
    American Woman, Bad Boys, Rag Dolls, Ballroom Blitz, Burning Bones, Flying Through The Night, Freedom, Go My Way, Hot Shot, I Want It All, Leading The Pack, Le...
  • Kromlek
    KromleK, Träskens Näve, Angrlióð, The Cocoon, Ad Rvbiconem, Bastion, Creation's Crowning Glory, Folkthing, Grim Omens, Harvest, Herjan, Mantikor, Metropolitan R...
  • Kronos
    Bloodtower, Disease of God, Dismember, Enslaved By The Madness, Eternal Mindtrap, Mashkhith, Sadistik Retribution, Supreme Nordik Reign, Sysiphe, Warmaggedawn, ...
  • Krooked K
  • Krosfyah
    Pump Me Up
  • KRS-One
    And Then Again, 2nd Quarter Free Throws, 3rd Quarter The Commentary, 5 Boroughs, 9 Elements, A Friend, Attendance, Black Cop, Blowe, Bring It Back, Bring It To ...
  • KRS-One & Buckshot
    Oh, Really?, Robot, Runnin' Away, Survival Skills, The Way I Live
  • Krs-One & Greenie
    Already In Heaven, A Liar, A Sneak, A Cheat, & A Thief, Cum, Dicky Cum, Dance Like It Don't Matter, Freestyle Hip-Hop Rhyme #1, It's All Good, My Son, The ...
  • KRS-One & Marley Marl
    All Skool, Hip Hop Lives, House Of Hits, I Was There, Kill A Rapper, Musika, Nothing New, Over 30, Rising To The Top, This Is What It Is
  • Krs-One And The Temple Of Hiphop
    Dayz Ahead
  • Kru
    2, 2020, Aneh, Apa Saja, Awas, Awas!, Balada Hati, De Ja Vu, Di Depan Mata, Di Pintu Syurga, Diari Metropolitan, Emilia, Enough Is Enough (enuff Ezz Enuff), Fan...
  • Kruger
    Dukes Of Nothing, Muscle, Our Cemetery Is Full Of Strangers, Return Of The Huns, The Ox, Turpitudes, Villains
  • Kruger Kris
    Be Mine, Beside You, Seeing A Rainbow In The Stormy Night Sky, Untitled
  • Krum Bums
    La Plaga, Cut Into Me, Misery, Disregarded Youth, All That Remains, As The Tide Turns, Cease Fire, Eliminate, Fall, Flesh Models, Forsaken, In Sickness, Last Br...
  • Krumb Snatcha
    Ask Ya Self, Gangsta Disease, Hip Hop,   Romeo And Juliet
  • Krumbsnatcha
    Ask Ya Self, Blaze, To All The Killas, Incredible (feat Gang Starr)
  • Krupps
    Zwei Herzen Ein Rhythmus, Laerm Macht Spass, Jeckyll Or Hyde, Inside Out, Goldfinger, Alive, Bloodsuckers, Das Ende Der Traeume, Denn Du Lebst Nur Einmal For Yo...
  • Krusade
    All I Need, Already Won, Benediction, Craft, Drifted, Fight, Identity, Jesus Is, Mouths Of Babes, Night & Day, Oh What A Day, Pedestal, Phone Call, Prodigal, Re...
  • Krux
    Black Room, Enigma EZB, Krux, Lunochod, Omfalos, Popocatepetl, Sibiria, Depressive Strokes Of Indigo, Devil Sun, Lex Lucifero, Lunochod (I) Sputnik (Ii) Ural (I...
  • Kruzzada
    Hayzkool Life, Homeboy Tbs, Warlord
  • Kry
    After All, Blind Man, By The Rivers Of Babylon, Deep And Wide, Down At Tha Cross, Everywhere, Free, Get Away, Heavenbound Train, Here Goes Nothing Now, Here Goe...
  • Krypteria
    Victoriam Speramus, The Promise, Lost, For You I'll Bring The Devil Down, Why Did You Stop The World From Turning, All Systems Go, Always & Forever, Animus Libe...
  • Kryptos
    Altered Destinies, Clandestine Element, Descension, Expedition To Abnormalia, Forsaken, Heretic Supreme, In Twilight's Grace, Land Of Ice, Liquid Grave, Order O...
  • Krys Ivory
    Book Of Love
  • Krystal
    Or Someone Else Will, 1/2 My Heart, Angel On My Shoulder, Goodbye, Lead Me, Let Me Be Your Friend, Love Is A Beautiful Thing, My Religion, Or Someone Else Will,...
  • Krystal Harris
    1/2 My Heart, Lead Me, Your The Reason, Or Someone Else Will, Angel On My Shoulder, Let Me Be Your Friend, Or Someone Else Will, Sing To Me, Supergirl, You're M...
  • Krystal Meyers
    My Freedom, Only You Make Me Happy, Make Some Noise, Feels So Right, My Savior, Anticonformity, Beautiful Tonight, Can't Stay, Collide, Fall To Pieces, Fire, Ha...
  • Krystale
    Sand, Smile To Sell, Where You End And I Begin, Carry The Weight
  • Krystle Nicole Russin
    Blinded, China Doll, Don't Ride The White Horse, El Tango Erotico De No!, He Begged Me All Night Long, If You Want My Advice, Inferno, I Need A Man, James Bond ...
  • Krystle Warren
    Circles, Current Events, Some Trivial Pursuit, Sunday Comfort, Year End Issue, Central Park
  • Krystlene Rojo
    Fall Out Of Love, It's Complicated, Luha, Salamat Sa'yo
  • KSM
    Best Friends Forever, Distracted, Don't Rain On My Parade, Hero In You, I Want You To Want Me, Magic Carpet Ride, Read Between The Lines, Saturdays And Sundays
  • Ksmb
    ABAB, Välkommen, Varför Lever Du?, Upp & Ner, Tänker På Dig, 70000 Volt, Adolf, Atomreggae, Bara Ett Minne, Blått & Guld, Bohman, Börje & Allan, But, We Have N...
  • Ksysenka
    Enslavement, Pop Bottles Of Champagne, Take All Strength, Watcha Got, Why Do We Murder, Chaos
  • KT
    Forever and Ever, It Was You, Tell Me Why
  • Kt Tunstall
    Suddenly I See, White Bird, Hopeless, Paper Aeroplane, Other Side Of The World, Another Place To Fall, Ashes, Barbie, Beauty Of Uncertainty, Big Black Horse And...
  • KTM
    Mexican Die
  • Ku'uipo Primacio
    I LiKe HiM
  • Kuaker
    Porque Hoy, Porque Hoy...
  • Kuba Oms
    Brotherman, How Much Time, Never Meant To Hurt You, Wonderful