• Vains Of Jenna
    Baby's Got A Secret, Ceased Emotions, Don't Give A Damn, Get On The Ride, Hard To Be Vain, Heartbreak Suicide, Jumping Jack Flash, Lit Up / Let Down, No One's G...
  • Vakill
    Cry You a River, The Flyer, Til the World Blows Up, Worst Fears Confirmed, Monstaz Ink, Acts Of Vengeance, Can You Relate
  • Val Doonican
    Delaneys Donkey, Mysterious People, Paddy McGintys Goat, The Special Years, Walk Tall
  • Val Emmich
    A Voice, Bury Me, Careful, Detach, Get On With It, Got A Habit Now, Medical Display, No More, Privacy Attracts A Crowd, Separate Things, Shock, Slow Down Kid, T...
  • Val Young
    If You Should Ever Be Lonely
  • Valdy
    Peter And Lou, Renaissance, Sonny's Dream
  • Valen Hsu
    Hand Written Love
  • Valencia
    3000 Miles, Better Be Prepared, Promise Of Redemption, What Are You Doing, Man? That's Weird!, From The Second I Wake Up, All At Once, Away We Go, Backs Agains...
  • Valens Richie
    La Bamba, Stay Beside Me, We Belong Together, Donna, Oh Donna, Tell Laura I Love Her, The Paddiwack Song, Come On Let's Go
  • Valensia
    1997, 1997 , 1997 208, Gaia, Gaia , Gaia 535, Megalomania, Mr 1999, My Heart Is In Your Hands, My Heart Is In Your Hands 531, Nathalie, Kosmos, My Heart Is In Y...
  • Valentin Elizalde
    Aca Entre Nos, Amame, Amor Eterno, Caminaba Un Dia Por La Playa, Destino Cruel, Ebrio De Amor, El Huizache, El Muchacho Alegre, El Pavido Navido, La Papa, Mi Vi...
  • Valentina
    I Love You Like You Are
  • Valentine
    Feel So Bad, Naughty Girl, Never Said It Was Gonna Be Easy, No Way, Once In A Lifetime, Runnin' On Luck Again, Someday, Tears In The Night, Too Much Is Never En...
  • Valentine Project
    AMERICAN DREAM, BETTER DAYS, Could Be Rainin, If I Live To Be 100, JAMIE, NIGHT TRAIN, Point Of No Return, RAIN, Same Old Madness, Such A Woman, Travelin
  • Valentine's Day
    Daisy Daisy, My Gal's A Corker, Just A Boy And A Girl, Bobby Shaftoe, 5 Little Valentines, All For You, A Man And A Maid, A Million Love Songs, A Promise I Make...
  • Valentyne Krush
    Hold Tight
  • Valeria
    2 Camcorders And A Microphone, Azucar, Been So Long, Bubble Gum, Dance Boogie, Dancing Shoes, Girl I Told Ya, Hot 4 U, I Got A Boyfriend, Lights, Camera, Acti...
  • Valeria Lynch
    Me Das Cada Dia Mas
  • Valeria Rossi
    Rythm Of The Night, Non Mi Fraintendere, Pensaba En Ti, Tu Sei Bellissimo, Le Richieste Delle Donne, Iosochesitivolevo, Alfonsina, Ballo Di Famiglia, Come Un Gi...
  • Valerie Carr
    When The Boys Talk About The Girls
  • Valerie Carter
    Ooh Child
  • Valerie Davis
    All Good Things
  • Valerie DeLaCruz
    Thank You For Being A Friend
  • Valerie Dore
    Get Closer, Lancelot, The Night, It's So Easy
  • Valerie Pinkston
    Trick Of Fate
  • Valerie Simpson
    Silly Wasn't I
  • Valerio Esca
    Il Cielo Delle 4:22, Lontana Da Me
  • Valerio Scanu
    Per Tutte Le Volte Che
  • Valete
    Chegou A Hora, Exibicionismo, Fim Da Ditadura, Freelancer, Interlude, Mulher Que Deus Amou, Nossos Tempos, O Mundo Muda A Cada Gesto Teu, Pseudo Mcs (Feat Bónu...
  • Valetes
    Decidi Tentar
  • Valhalla
    Hymn Of Victory, Bigwigs, Humans, Ins Nama'v Great Fyr, Medieval Feast, Born By Metal, Carpathian Tales: Countess Bathory, Carpathian Tales: Vlad The Impaler, D...
  • Valiance
    Free Men's Cage, Gates Of Winter, Immaterial, Neverending Flame, Recall, The Less Beaten Path, The Secret, Valiant Day, Victim Of My Pride
  • Valient Thorr
    Exit Strategy
  • Vallenfyre
    All Will Suffer, As The World Collapses, A Thousand Martyrs, Cathedrals Of Dread, Desecration, Humanity Wept, My Black Siberia, Ravenous Whore, Seeds, The Divin...
  • Valley Of Chrome
    Breaking The Barriers Of Frustration, Cast No Shadow, Dasal, Extinction Agenda, Forever Young, Heroes In A Dying Age, Kiss Of Medusa, Love & Devotion, Scourging...
  • Valley Of The Giants
    Bala Bay Inn, Whaling Tale
  • Valley Worship
    Better Is One Day, Famous One, Give Us Clean Hands, Here I Am To Worship, Jesus Lover Of My Soul, Let It Rain, Made Me Glad, Shout To The Lord, Trading My Sorro...
  • Valley Youngstas
    Moving On
  • Valley's Eve
    Creating Gods, Dark Room, Dark Shadows On The Wall, Falling, In Your Head, Kingdom Of Pain, Mirror In Your Eyes, Open The Gates, Point Of No Return, Shadows Of ...
  • Valora
    I Waited For You, Can You Save Me Now, Extreme
  • Value Pac
    Blank, Come Back, Final Request, Graduation Day, Happy Star, One Way Out
  • Valvomo
    Horror Ska, Mikä Kesä, Ovi Ois
  • Vama Veche
  • Vamos A La Playa
    Beautiful People
  • Vamp
    Hav, Tir'Na Noir, Månemannen, Opp I Otta (Feat Jan Eggum), Byen (Feat Morten Abel), Ekorn Over Veien (Feat Ole Paus), En Annen Sol (Feat Anne Grete Preus & Leif...
  • Vampire Division
    Eye Of The Vortex, Methadonia
  • Vampire Weekend
    Oxford Comma, The Kids Don't Stand A Chance, M79, Run, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, Arrows, A-Punk, Bryn, California English, Campus, Cousins, Diplomat's Sun, Giving...
  • Vampires Everywhere!
    Bury Me Alive, Call Out The Dead, Dear Eliza, Immortal Love, Kill The Chemicals, The Embrace, Undead Heart, Bleeding Rain, Ashes To Ashes, Carnage At The Castle...
  • Vampiria
    Ambassador Of Morning, Ancient Fear, Break The Seal, Brother Wolf, Crown Of Crows, Dark Emotions, Darkness, Swallows - Me, Eclipse Of Souls, Legend Of A Curse,...
  • Vamps
    Devil Side, Evanescent, I Gotta Kick Start Now, Love Addict, Sweet Dreams, Trouble, Revolution
  • Van Atta High
    Afternoon Delight, American Scholar, Close To Comfort
  • Van Buren Benny
    You've Gotta Have Heart!, Cada Maana, Cielo 2000, Hey Amigo Charlie, Uno, Zufrieden Mit Dir
  • Van Canto
    Bard's Song - In The Forest, Kings Of Metal, Water Fire Heaven Earth, Wishmaster, She's Alive, Battery, Fear Of The Dark, Frodo's Dream, Hearted, I Am Human, I ...
  • Van Cleef Continental
    Champions League, Dance Me To My Song, Dry Queens, First Day Off, Stick It To Your Heart, Waiting For You, You Are Out Of Your Head
  • Van Coke Kartel
    Doodsdreigemente, Nevermind, Tot Die Son Uitkom, Vir Almal
  • Van Der Graaf Generator
    A Place To Survive, A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers, A Plague Of Lighthouse-Keepers:(iii) Eyewitness, A Plague Of Lighthouse-Keepers:(iv) SHM, A Plague Of Lighth...
  • Van Dik Hout
    Alles Of Niets, De Keuzes Die Je Maakt, De Stilte Valt Zo Hard, De Zon Achterna, Dromendief, Een Licht Dat Schijnt in De Morgen, Er Zit Iets in De Weg, Film Van...
  • Van Gunn
    I Know A Little, Looking Through Me
  • Van Halen
    (Oh) Pretty Woman, 5150, A F U Naturally Wired, AFU (Naturally Wired), Aftershock, All Apolitical Blues, Ballot Or The Bulett, Best of Both Worlds, Big Bad Bill...
  • Van Hunt
    Anything, Down Here In Hell, Down Here In Hell (With You), Dust, Hello, Goodbye, Highlights, Hold My Hand, Precious, Seconds Of Pleasure, Turn My TV On, What C...
  • Van Jets
    What's Going On
  • Van Louelle Pojas
    Another Goodbye Song
  • Van McCoy
    Change With The Times, Do The Hustle
  • Van Morrison
    4 Pantomime, Across The Bridge Where Angels Dwell, All Work And No Play, And It Stoned Me, Asense Of Wonder, Ball & Chain, Beautiful Vision, Bein Green, Big Tim...
  • Van Morrison & The Chieftains
    Irish Heartbeat
  • Van Raveschot
    Comme Des Histoires
  • Van Stephenson
    Modern Day Delilah, What The Big Girls Do
  • Van Tomiko
    Flower, Senkou
  • Van Tramp
    Hope And Pray, Something
  • Van Zant
    Help Somebody, Been There Done That, Can't Say It Loud Enough, We Can't Do It Alone, Get What You Got Comin', Downright And Dangerous, Friend, Goes Down Easy, H...
  • Vanaheim
    Blodig Krigsmark, Heimferd, Krig, Riket, Sorg
  • Vanaprasta
    Healthy Geometry, Something Better, Color Of Sin, Come On
  • Vanbot
    Make Me Break Me
  • Vance Gilbert
    Could You Believe?
  • Vandaalit
    Armeijaan, Auschwitz Oli Rautaa, Dallas WC, Eläinrääkkääjät, Kahdenkeskeinen Asia, Kaksin Aina Kaunihimpi, Lintsari, Medley, Meikäpoika Voitti, Niin Se Käy, Oma...
  • Vandavanda
    Come Back And Stay, Falling In Love, Love Of My Life, Perfect Girl, Sunshine After The Rain
  • Vandaveer
  • Vanden Plas
    Beyond Daylight, Can You Hear Me, Cold Wind, Crown of Thorns, Day I Die, End Of All Days, Far Off Grace, Fields Of Hope, Free The Fire, Garden of Stones, Healin...
  • Vandenberg
    Alibi, All the Way, Burning Heart, Different Worlds, Dressed to Kill, Fighting Against the World, Friday Night, Heading for a Storm, How Long, Once in a Lifetim...
  • Vander Lee
    Alma Nua, A Baiana Cover, A Voz, Chazinho Com Biscoito, Esperando Avioes, Iluminado, Meu Jardim, No Balanco Do Balaio, Onde Deus Possa Me Ouvir, Pra Ela Passar,...
  • Vanek Mc'S
    Czech Out My Piece
  • Vanelli Gino
    Walter Whitman Where Are You, Summers Of My Life, Stay With Me, Storm At Sunup, Son Of A New York Gun, Alive By Science, Appaloosa, A Little Bit Of Judas, A New...
  • Vanesa Martin
    Durmiendo Sola, El Tren De La Cordura, Hay Un Ventanal, Hoy Camino, Maldita Casa, No Me Quieras, Rienda Suelta
  • Vanessa
    When There Was Me And You, You Can't Imagine
  • Vanessa & Ashely Sharky
    Baby, Best Thing, Cut It Out, Feelings For You, Love, Your The Only Guy
  • Vanessa & Ashley Sharky
    At First Sight, Breaking My Heart, Good Song, Is You, Out Of The Blue, Signs To My Heart, Some Love, So, Over You, Think About It Next Time, Troubles And Probl...
  • Vanessa Amorosi
    Absolutely everybody, By My Side, Every Time I Close My Eyes, Have A Look, Heroes Live Forever, Rise Up, Shine, Steam, Steam (Australian Version), Take Me As I ...
  • Vanessa Ann Hudgens & Zac Efron
    I Gonna Go My Own Way
  • Vanessa Anne Hudgens
    Gotta Go My Own Way, Say OK, Come Back To Me, I Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Sneakernight, Afraid, All Or Nothing, Amazed, Angels, Breaking Free, Can I Have This...
  • Vanessa Anne Hudgens & Zac Efron
    Can I Have This Dance?, Truly Madly Deeply, When There Was Me And You, Breaking Free, Everyday, I Was Thinking About Everytime, What I've Been Looking For, Work...
  • Vanessa Carlton
    1, 000 Miles, A Thousand Miles, Afterglow, Against All Odds, All I Ask, Along For The Ride, Annie, Big Yellow Taxi, Big Yellow Taxi [Counting Crows Featuring Va...
  • Vanessa Chinitor
    Like The Wind
  • Vanessa Colaiutta
    Lagrimas Rotas
  • Vanessa Da Mata
    Ai, Ai, Ai, Bem Da Vida, Boa Sorte, Carta, Case-Se Comigo, Essa Boneca Tem Manual, Eu Sou Neguinha, Fugiu Com A Novela, Historia De Uma Gata, Longe Demais, Na...
  • Vanessa Daou
    Alive, A Little Bit Of Pain, Bittersweet, Cherries In The Snow, Flower Of My Fears, If I Could, Life On A Distant Star, Love Child, Make You Love, Peculiar, Red...
  • Vanessa Formell
    Busco Un Amor, Esperando Por Ti, Sin Ti Me Muero
  • Vanessa Hudgens
    Say Ok, Sneakernight, I Gotta Go My Own Way (feat Zac Efron), Everyday (feat Zac Efron), Everything I Own, Afraid, All Or Nothing, Amazed, Baby Come Back To Me,...
  • Vanessa Hudgens Lyrics
    Lets Go
  • Vanessa Kafka
    Better, Bridges, Calato, Forgery, If He Stays, Silhouette, Sink, Speak In Words, Tell Me So, Till August, Wondering
  • Vanessa Lynn Clarkson
    Fight It Up